Urban railway installations are characterised by a high density of traffic, and require maximum safety levels and availability, together with a maintenance that interferes as little as possible with the frequency of the trainline.

ICF solutions are, hence, perfectly suitable for big interlockings. The Axle Counters and LED Railway Signals are ideal for the use in big interlockings. The “Plug and Play” allows a 100% software configuration eliminating the wiring in cabin. The bus network connection of the axle counters reduces the use and lay out of wiring by an 80%. The information centralisation and the use of predictive algorithms of BIG DATA predict possible breakdowns which increases availability. Low energy consumption contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the railway activity and turns ICF’s solutions in the most competitive, efficient and sustainable in the market.


In ICF we work to guarantee the safe transport of peoples and commodities. This means that our detection system of trains in tracks must provide an impeccable reliability and precision. Moreover, we do it in a sustainable manner for the planet and in a profitable manner for our clients, minimising complexities, installation time and the necessary resources.

Thanks to our wireless technology and the photovoltaic energy, ICF solutions fully remove civil work and wiring supply, making installation easier, maintenance with no environmental cost at all, and maximum safety for both the people circulating in the trains and outside them, and in stations. The centralised maintenance using AI techniques identifies possible breakdowns and avoids its escalation, resulting in a safe, profitable and sustainable service.


Crossings represent one of the riskiest spots for the safety of the people that circulate inside and outside the trains, and whose malfunctioning provokes severe human, social and economic repercussions.

The pioneer use of Wireless technology and photovoltaic energy for over 10 years and with hundreds of cases in operation that reference us across the world, allow the integral use of renewable energies, the removal of civil work and electric duties, respecting the environment, allow a 100% reuse and guarantees maximum SIL4 safety and reliability.
The ease in maintenance is an additional advantage. From the control centre any point in the system can be accessed at all times, and data analysis reveals the status of the equipment to anticipate the system’s needs.


At times, the topology of the area, its wide dimensions or the specific climate or safety conditions make it impossible to carry out civil works to ensure the optimal railway service.
ICF possesses the most effective products and services in the market for these types of environments, isolated and of hazardous access. The enterprise has extensive experience in these situations such as installations in Morocco, Chile, Estonia or Saudi Arabia.
Wireless technology and photovoltaic energy supply allow the elimination of civil works, with the consequent reduction in environmental impact, installation costs and labour safety hazards related to personnel on site. Centralising the maintenance, we also avoid unnecessary displacements and reduce the possibility of breakdowns to the most.