ICF, a Spanish railway signalling technology company, will present the AC-900 Axle Counter System at Innotrans. Developed and 100% validated by ICF, its manufacturing and verification is carried out entirely in Spain and is exported throughout the world.

The AC-900 system is the first in the world that allows the connection of track sensors to a bus, which translates into savings of up to 80% in cable. The simplicity of assembly thanks to this architecture, elimination of drilling, self-adjustment system and 100% software configuration, allows installation, modification, provisional situations, testing and commissioning times to be reduced dramatically.

Installed on conventional and high-speed lines, it allows centralized maintenance to be carried out through an IP connection with interlocking and continuous reporting of parameters, such as axis speed among others, in real time.

The AC-900 Axle Counter System has successfully completed all the SIL4 and interoperability tests necessary for its installation outdoors and in an environment as demanding as the railway, thus highlighting its immunity to electromagnetic noise.